About Me

My Name is Ramesh Ranganathan .

This blog  was created to share the unknown divine facts which every one should know in their life.  I am trying my best to share the facts in a single place for everyone benefit.

Still a long long  way to go.


4 Responses to About Me

  1. S. Anandasubramanian says:


  2. harini velumani says:

    sir i found this site while looking for sivapuranam explainations. the explainations are simple to understand.this is great job. thanks for giving us such a wonderful site.

  3. ila says:

    Thank you is simple a word to thank you, Om namah shivaya

  4. Uma says:

    The poetry of Thiruvacgam brings tears of love. Your notes on the meanings of the divine lines of Thiruvacgam brings in deeper understanding, aham dhanyaasmi. Bhavaan chiram thiruttattvajnanam vadatu. We are tamilians living in a different state. Don’t know ka or chu.

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